We finally know who Tubes in Solo is!

It is now official which of the Two Tubes brothers appeared in Solo: A Star Wars Story, after debuting in Rogue One.

Do you remember when we wrote that not even Jon Kasdan, writer of Solo knows which Two Tubes brother appeared in the movie? Well, official sources were of no help, as the Visual Guide for Solo called the character appearing amongst the Cloud-Riders of Enfys Nest only as Tubes. The writer himself wasn’t sure of it, he said the Tognath was Edrio in June, and the character even had a cut dialogue. However, a Reddit user has compared the official photos and claimed it was Benthic who appeared in Solo.

We asked Joe Kasdan in July to clarify this misunderstanding about the Tognaths. He answered the following on Twitter:

Jon Kasdan on Twitter

I REQUESTED Edrio but MAY have actually gotten Bethnic. You never can tell with those Tognath eggmates, and since nobody on our crew SPOKE Tognath we couldn’t ask ‘im… He’s probably on twitter thought and will read this and clarify. https://t.co/ctBBS4J86G

I can now tell you that I had been translating the recently published Alien Archive back then, and it is now official that it was Benthic who appeared in Solo – I asked the question knowing this. The book states the following:

“Benthic Two Tubes was a member of the Cloud-Riders, a gang led by Enfys Nest that operated during the years of the Galactic Empire.”

This is how Alien Archive’s Hungarian version called Fajok enciklopédiája writes about Tognaths (Photo: Bence Földi)

This was the first official confirmation that it was Benthic. However, Wookieepedia identified Solo’s Tubes as Benthic from Rogue One without referring to the Alien Archive, published on October 4 in Great Britain. Their source is a mystery… By the way, the Alien Archive will be published in the United States only next spring, so we can read it in Hungary much earlier than US citizens (unless they order it from the UK). We will write about the book soon!

Now that we finally know this, the question arises:  what was Edrio doing while Benthic was crossing paths with Tobias Beckett and his partners as a Cloud-Rider?  One of the most interesting characters of Rogue One could have an exciting story, it could perhaps be worth a comic. Benthic was also present in the comic book Star Wars 38: The Ashes of Jedha, Part I, where, as the leader of the Jedha partisans, he negotiated with Leia, Han Solo and Luke Skywalker, then-leaders of the Rebellion.

This article was first published in Hungarian. It was translated by Bence Magos, thanks!

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