We can have a look at a Star Wars world beyond the glitter of celebrities

If you’re not only interested in the opinion of the best-known actors, you can enjoy the book of interviews by Dennis Pellegrom.

Anyone who reads about Star Wars in English is sure to have bumped into the website of Dennis Pellegrom: StarWarsInterviews.com. This guy has been interviewing people who have contributed to the universe since the mid-2000s. Since then, he has had more than 175 conversations, so the time has come to put the completed interviews into books. The publisher gave the first one to Ziro.hu at our request.

The book contains interviews which were made with people who were working on the Classic Trilogy and the Expanded Universe. The book can be divided into two major parts. In the first third part of the book, the author talks with well-known actors, while in the second two-thirds he speaks to people who didn’t make huge contributions to the construction of the Star Wars galaxy, but were essential elements in other aspects.

 This division will be the benefit or the disadvantage of the book, according to what the reader’s expectations from Star Wars Interviews Volume I. are.  If we want to have sensational background information that can only be shown by behind-the-scenes videos, we will be disappointed. But if you want to know the ins and outs of film-making, then you will find the book a great resource.

Dennis Pellegrom focuses mainly on The Return of the Jedi in the book, probably because he saw the movie in the cinema for the first time in 1983. As for me, I like that episode the least from the Classic Trilogy, but this did not affect the enjoyability of interviews. It seems that Pellegrom really loves puppeteers, there are many interviews with the movers of various creatures. This is interesting because this milieu is relatively less known for the average cinema-goer than the glamorous world of showbiz stars. Also, the book doesn’t only contain new information from the complicated process of filmmaking for the curious reader, but also about the struggles in the heroic age of computer games, as well as how the fan base was on Celebrations.

I rarely used to read books in English fast, but this was not the case with this one. This is a praise for the interviewees and Pellegrom as well since  the texts are digestible, the answers usually aren’t long, and the questioner does not go too deeply into details, helping to understand the book easily.  I can only criticise the author because his interviews are often not very realistic, he is rarely asking about the answers of the interviewee, and sometimes he asks something in the second half of a conversation what the person had already spoken about earlier.

Overall, Star Wars Interviews Volume I. is a great and easy-to-read book which mainly contains interviews from the second part of the 2000s, and we can only find a couple of conversations from the 2010s.  Pellegrom mostly found topics (apart from the then-rumoured live-action series), which will always be interesting for a Star Wars fan.  Therefore it won’t surprise me if the book (which will be followed by three more volumes) would be published in Hungarian in the future. Translating it would be a wise move.

You can buy the book for example on Amazon.

Translated by: Bence Földi. Proofread by: Bence Magos.

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