[SW40] John Hoey: Introduce Star Wars to your friends!

The Co-Lead Editor of Star Wars News Net thinks Star Wars meant more to the US than people realize.

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Star Wars changed movies and popular culture forever in 1977.

I wasn’t born until years after George Lucas’s cinema-changing phenomenon swept audiences off their feet in the post-Vietnam War malaise of a late 1970’s America, but I know the history. The country was in a bad place, suffering through a crisis of confidence. Interest rates were astronomical, gas shortages were common, and the country was going through a period of uncertainty. Now, movies don’t solve problems, but they do allow people to escape, and offer children the opportunity to imagine.

Star Wars meant more to our country than people realize as every year we are further distanced from its original theatrical run. George Lucas gave people something to be happy about again, and escape from their troubles to a galaxy far, far away, if only for two hours.

That has carried on for generations. Star Wars fandom is in a healthy place today. This is evident by the amount of kids I see in my every-day life that are getting into the franchise.  We are about to enter a new era in Star Wars content, the likes of which we have never seen, with multiple high-budget live action episodic series, more animated projects, and at least six theatrical films in the next decade. 

We might be saying farewell to the Skywalkers, but the Star Wars galaxy is vast, and we are about to embark on new adventures that will open up our imaginations even more than the first time we saw a lightsaber ignite or the Millennium Falcon blast into hyperspace.

 As long as Star Wars sticks to fantasy motifs, it will survive.  Coming of age stories, about family, redemption, and choosing good over evil must still pave the way. As long as those themes are still present, there will be a never-ending blank canvas of stories to be painted for the minds of dreamers across the world, including your country of Hungary.

I am happy to see that Star Wars is slowly, but surely, expanding more into the international audience’s field of vision.

The international market is a big part of a movie franchise’s success, and Star Wars has been behind for decades.  I would advise someone who loves Star Wars to introduce it to a friend,  because not only will you blow their mind if they’ve never seen it, but you’ll have something new to bond over, and that’s what this is all about. May the Force be with you all!

Cover picture: Fans at the Star Wars Celebration in Chicago, April 2019 (StarWarsCelebration.com)

John Hoey – He is the Co-Lead Editor and Senior Writer for StarWarsNewsNet.com, writing articles and reports weekly for the site, as well as editing, proofreading, social media, and is the host of our official podcast “The Resistance Broadcast”. You can find him on Twitter @JohnnyHoey and on the podcast’s account @RBatSWNN!

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