Jon Kasdan doesn’t know which Tubes is in the Solo movie

Martijn Willemse’s fan art on Edrio (

One of the screenwriters of Solo: A Star Wars Story, Jon Kasdan just made a joke when we asked him about the true identity of Solo’s character named Tubes.

It isn’t clear yet who is the Cloud Rider with that mysterious breathing apparatus in Solo: A Star Wars Story. The character is familiar from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but the Visual Dictionary of Solo only specifies him as “Tubes”. It does not take us closer to the solution of this mystery, because there were two “Tubes” in Rogue One: Edrio “Two Tubes” and Benthic “Two Tubes” – the brothers were fighting on Jedha, in Saw Gerrera’s rebel militia.

At the end of June, someone asked screenwriter Jon Kasdan on Twitter about this issue. Kasdan wrote about the appearance of Edrio, “who had dialogue which was ultimately cut”. But we found a post from a Reddit user, who compared the official pictures of “Tubes”, Edrio and Benthic. The user named Ian Hamilton came to the conclusion that “Tubes” must be Benthic because there are too many similarities between them.

Therefore we asked Jon Kasdan himself on Twitter that is he sure about the identity of “Tubes”. He answered us in a couple of hours.

“I REQUESTED Edrio but MAY have actually gotten Bethnic. You never can tell with those Tognath eggmates, and since nobody on our crew SPOKE Tognath we couldn’t ask ‘im… He’s probably on twitter thought (sic!) and will read this and clarify”

– Jon Kasdan wrote on the question of So we didn’t get smarter about the issue, but at least we know even the screenwriter isn’t sure about the identity of “Tubes”. Probably we’ll be smarter later.

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