We need to talk about Rogue One’s Russian poster

Disney revealed the Russian poster for the anticipated Star Wars movie Rogue One last weekend. It’s different from the other known posters — probably because of Vladimir Putin’s regime.

We knew three posters before. On the American version we see the Death Star in the backround and on the surface there are fighting rebels and stormtroopers. The Japanese and South Korean posters pictured only the soldiers of Rebel Alliance — Jyn Erso & Co. — but no imperial soldiers.

Japanese, South Korean and American poster for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Last week Disney revealed the new, Russian poster for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story at the Russian Comic Con — as we can read on Slashfilm. The new poster is really different from the American, Japanese and South Korean versions.

Strange poster

First, we see the category 12+ rating symbol, which could suggest that Rogue One — just like The Force Awakens — will probably be rated PG-13 in the US.

Russian poster for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Second, the Russian translation is a bit strange and not perfect. A Redditer, Stap-dono revealed the following:

„1. The word »rogue« doesn’t translate into Russian language, so Disney Russia decided to go with »outcast« (which was kinda a bad idea IMO);

2. »A Star Wars Story« became »Star Wars. Stories.«;

3. »A Rebellion Built on Hope« became »A Rebellion with a Hope in Heart«.”

Third, we only see stormtroopers and AT-ACT’s on the poster but there are no rebels, just a helmet with reflection of the symbol of Rebel Alliance. This could be a message from Disney to the Russian President Vladimir Putin or the Russian opposition.

Message (in a bottle) on a poster

We know that Russia has an authoritarian regime which opresses some religious and sexual minorities. President Putin’s regime knows everything about the people of Russia. There is only one party, the elections are unnecessary — only Putin’s party can win. There is an opposition which is really weak, especially after the assassination of Boris Nemtsov in February 2015.

Maybe Disney targeted the opposition with new poster for Rogue One — with an analogy. As we look at the poster, we see the EVIL Empire — Putin’s regime — which is coming upon us, the viewer. We see the helmet and we can assume there are many victims of GOOD people — the rebels. But as we see the reflection of the symbol of Rebel Alliance, we can feel there is hope. (Not just Obi-Wan Kenobi.) This poster is suggesting there is hope in every situation, you can rebel in every political structure — this is a powerful message to the Russian opposition as well. But we can’t say there is an explicit message, just an implied one — if you interpret this poster in this way.

It is not a surprise that Star Wars is full with political messages. There are many articles about the connection between politics and Star Wars, here are some reads in this topic:

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